Intership for shrimp feed trials

 Orths, Christian Timon & Poschmann, Christoph Oliver GbR

Katernberger Str. 107

45327 Essen

Tel.: 0201-61794668
Mobil: 01590-1162852

10.02.2020 | VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT – Internship for shrimp feed trials

The company Rheingarnelen is the first operating shrimp hatchery in Germany. We are specialized in shrimp species with primitive larvae development in the marine plankton. Species of interest are Penaeus vannamei for the food aquaculture as well as several ornamental shrimp. We are looking for an intern to work on a research project for the feeding of early postlarvae of Penaeus vannamei. The internship might be part of a thesis.

Your tasks:

  • Preparation of the research setup
  • Preparation and realization of daily water analysis
  • Maintenance and supervision of the setup for 3 30-day periods
  • Measurement and counting during and at the end of each test period
  • Analysis of measurements
  • Opportunity to write an article for a professional journal

Our expectations:

  • You are a student in aquaculture or similar subjects
  • Responsible handling of the test subjects
  • Consistent adherence of setup parameters
  • Knowledge and experience with typical procedures of water analysis
  • Knowledge of MS Excel and/or other software for data analysis
  • Implementation in Essen and Bremerhaven

Our offerings:

  • Interesting field of work
  • Independent work planning
  • Insight to work at a shrimp hatchery
  • Possibility for a publication

If you are interested in the subject, we are looking forward to receiving your letter of application. Please include personal information such as name, address, contact information, documents of education, possibly work experience related to this position. Feel free to contact us for questions on your application.

Proposed by ALFRED-WEGENER-INSTITUT    |    Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research | Section of KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER    |    AQUACULTURE RESEARCH GROUP


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