Intership and student job aquaculture

Dr. Fabian Riedel

Straßäcker 6

85465 Langenpreising
Bewerbungen ausschließlich per Email an:

Intership for shrimp feed trials

 Orths, Christian Timon & Poschmann, Christoph Oliver GbR

Katernberger Str. 107

45327 Essen

Tel.: 0201-61794668
Mobil: 01590-1162852

Proposed by ALFRED-WEGENER-INSTITUT    |    Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research | Section of KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER    |    AQUACULTURE RESEARCH GROUP


Gregor Jähne - M.Sc. Aquaculture - EuroShrimp Coordinator - Aquaculture Research Group


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