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The Austrian Producer FGSD Bio Produktion GmbH is looking for a live feed specialist to take charge of algae, rotifer, copepod and artemia production and operate their multi channel automated feeding system.

They intend to introduce photobioreacters and automated rotifer and copepod production systems during the course of the next 12 months, so experience in this would be very useful. This is an excellent opportunity for someone wanting to get involved with a cutting edge aquaculture operation and gain a huge amount of experience in a short time. If you are super detail oriented, genuinely passionate about aquaculture research and development and can work independently please contact

Buike Philip

Proposed by ALFRED-WEGENER-INSTITUT    |    Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research | Section of KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER    |    AQUACULTURE RESEARCH GROUP


Gregor Jähne - M.Sc. Aquaculture - EuroShrimp Coordinator - Aquaculture Research Group

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