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Looking for contact – interested person wanted

For some ideas in the field of Biofloc and penaeus monodon we have an interested partner, Mr. Rockmeier, who is looking for a partner.

Mr. Rockmeier is from Germany and developed a concept for a shrimp farm in Portugal. However, this project has not yet come to life and Mr. Rockmeier is therefore looking for an interested person who would like to continue some of the ideas. For example, the concept still has building permissions on the plot of land that was being considered at the time. The location is near Portimao.

Key points in general are:

  • Biofloc Shrimp Production
  • Black Tiger – penaeus monodon
  • Sorting of shrimps

You are welcome to contact us for an exchange of ideas or to contract directly with Mr. Rockmeier himself.

We are looking for either an investor who can imagine to implement the original concept or parts of it in Portugal or a contact who is interested in starting a joint project with ideas from the concept.

Mr. Kai Lorkowski –
Mr. Rockmeier –

The company “CrustaNova GmbH” is offering two interesting aquaculture interships in Langenpreising, Bavaria. You can download the PDFs here:

The company “Rhein Garnelen” is offering an interesting intership. Click here to see the full vacancy announcement. Or download the PDF here:

EuroShrimp Hatchery Survey

Due to the current health situation in Europe and the resulting precautions, the supply of Post larvae from non-EU countries is difficult at present. Accordingly, the interest in European Shrimp Hatcheries and their delivery status is of great interest to the European Shrimp farmer.

We started a survey among the European Shrimp Hatcheries (which are known to us) and hope to get an update on the current production and delivery status of PL in Europe.

To be able to provide the latest and most accurate data, we kindly ask everyone – related to Pl production – to fill in the questionnaire and send it back to

We hope that with your help, we are able to support the European Shrimp farmers and reduce the supply shortage of Post larvae.


On the 9th/10th of October in Berlin, at the European Aquaculture Society conference we had a Euroshrimp meeting. Click here for more Information.

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The Euroshrimp Team consists of enthusiastic scientists and networkers who are dedicated to support, improve and promote the european shrimp aquaculture throughout Europe. We strongly believe in a feasible and sustainable shrimp production where it is possible to meet ecological and social production standards to create a long lasting and prosperousness european shrimp production.

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We are a point of contact for the european shrimp production and its stakeholders. The intension of our non-commercial association is to connect the european shrimp producer by supplying information, offering help and providing support by us and by our network members.

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