The Euroshrimp Team consists of enthusiastic scientists and networkers who are dedicated to support, improve and promote the european shrimp aquaculture throughout Europe. We strongly believe in a feasible and sustainable shrimp production where it is possible to meet ecological and social production standards to create a long lasting and prosperousness european shrimp production.


#8 ASC – Need for Shrimp Data

Shrimp standard update Dear EuroShrimp Community Members,   As some of you are aware from the presentation during the EuroShrimp Forum at Aquaculture Europe 2019, The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is currently updating the existing Weiterlesen…

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#7 Euroshrimp in Berlin

Euroshrimp at the AE2019 We are pleased that the EuroShrimp meeting on Oct.9th was so fruitful. It was also great to be part of the interesting and informative presentation series on Oct. 10th at the Weiterlesen…